Unstead Hosting Services offer a unique brand of web design and cloud based hosting services that is extremely affordable and stunning in looks without compromise in professionalism.

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About Us

Unstead Hosting Services have been in the web design and hosting business since 1998.
Our professional services and experience are key components to your next web project. Allow us to show you around and see what we can do for you.

20 years experience in web hosting and design at your service.

Unstead Hosting Services have been in the web business since the late 90's and boasts one of the first ever online travel sites to be launched long before Google and Yahoo came to be.

Since the first html static pages began to appear on the world wide web, we have been building websites. Our customer base stems from the Caribbean to Africa, the UK and New Zealand.

  • Years of experience to assist in making your next project work
  • Comprehensive systems design experience and knowledgebase
  • Competent Web Design Engineers.

Our Premium Service Features

High Speed Hosting

Our Cloud based SSD hosting platform is replicated over 8 countries around the world to deliver same time performance to the viewer no matter where they are on the planet.

Matched Coding Ingredients

Our development team specialise in ensuring the correct code ingredients match your requirements. Whether it is a standard HTML5 or Bootstrap Framework website or PHP Shop the mix will be the right one.

Multi Layered Platforms

No matter what your Internet service requirement is, our multi-layered, cloud based and virtual platforms will ensure your solution is rock solid and stable.

High Performance Ratings

As we are cutting edge and expandable, we are constantly improving our web services which will ensure that your product is delivered with speed.

High end SSD hosting platform

Our hosting services are located on cloud based virtual servers with multiple redundent cores ensuring 100% uptime.

Are you ready to move your site to us, but nervous about doing the actual site migration to our servers by yourself? Don't be! In most cases we can move your site for free.

Just contact our friendly staff to request that they move your site for you! It's a worry-free migration! That means there's no more barriers for you to get your hands on all of our site speed optimization resources! Isn't it about time that you love your web host?

Professional Web Design Services

We use state of the art web design technology to ensure your systems are working 100% over multiple platforms around the world.

Our Projects are planned and managed in accordance with global Internet standards. Your web solution is secure, safe and stable on our hosting platform.

The www is changing constantly and your web services need to change with it. Rest easy knowing Unstead Hosting Services and Web Design Solutions are looking after you.

Project Performance Reviews

Professional development and good looks is one thing. Constant performance and embracing regular change is another.

If your project is a big one and requires a team to make it happen, the chances are you are going to want regular performance reviews to see how things are shaping up.

The Project Team at Unstead Hosting Services will provide regular reports informing you how your web service is doing. These can consist of SEO reports, Server reports, Web Page Analytics and more. When planning your next project with us ask about our reporting services and what can we offer your company.

Seen enough? Give us a call

Our management team are waiting for your call and can be reached by email or phone.

More Exciting Features We Offer

Over the last 20 plus years the Internet has evolved into a living breathing entity that is constantly changing. We need to adapt and change with it.

Professional Aerial Imagery

Not only do we build awesome websites but we are professional and licensed Drone pilots with 2 years of aerial photography experience.

Radio Imaging Services

Unstead Hosting Services also offer radio streaming services, commercial creation and audio mixing services. There is nothing we can't do!

Social Media Marketing Agency

In 2020 things changed a lot. So did the requirements of website owners. 95% of clients now require social media sites coupled to their web presence. We are a professional SMMA (social media marketing agency).

Video Editing Services

Our speciality after web designing is video editing and Unstead Hosting Services can offer some of the best video creation available. Speak to us today!

Our Service Pricing

We position ourselves in the SME market place and offer affordable web hosting and design services that will suit your budget.

Small Business

$20 month

  • 100Mb web space
  • 1,000Mb Bandwidth pm
  • Free Domain Registration
  • 3 Email Adresses
  • Single interactive page with multiple elements auto scrolling
  • $750 Web design fee + 12 monthly fees of $20 = $990 start up cost.
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Enterprise or Shop

$POA month

  • 1Gb web space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 50+ Email Adresses
  • FREE Domain Registration
  • MySQL and PHP Database
  • FREE Shopping Cart
  • Multiple pages with drop down menu selection for more content
  • Monthly Support Contract (Optional) P.O.A.
  • $$$ - This would be costed as a project and quoted as such. Please contact us for more details.
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Frequently Asked Questions

In order to speed up your enquiry with us , here are some frequently asked questions to look over.

  • Web hosting is where your end product will be located. It is like a hard drive but more sophisticated and robust. Its the space where your website files are stored. It also includes other services such as email and database location.

    Web development is the actual work undertaken to design your website. It can include a number of technologies such as HTML, CSS, Javascripting and database scripting like PHP and MySQL. All these coding languages are put together and developed into your end product.

  • If it is a standard Bootstrap framework website which is normally a single page with multiple elements (home, about us, services, features and contact us form) then normally about 3 days from start to launch. However, it all depends on what the client is asking for.

  • Yes we do. It is however an optional service not included with any of our packages. We generally encourage all our medium to enterprise clients to think about a support contract to assist with web content updates and technical support. It is not compulsory but highly recommended. Technical support is included with all accounts to ensure that your service remains operational and should for some unknown reason your website become unavailable we will ensure that you are up and running again as quickly as possible.

  • No web host provider can guarantee 100% uptime as there are too many variables to think about. That is why we have gone for cloud based virtual server technology which is replicated many times around the world. This means your website is up 99.9% 24/7. The more your site is replicated the greater your availability.

  • Yes we can is the quick answer. However, we are a small web design company that offers a more personal touch in comparison to larger web design companies that have vast resources and are more corporate driven. That said, we do work with enterprise clients on a more personal basis and prefer a closer more friendly working relationship.

  • Our leader, Peter Unstead is still part of the design team. Not only does he search for more business but he gets involved with all projects from the ground up. Having that approach he thrives by ensuring customer satisfaction with each and every project no matter how big or how small. Our slower, more pragmatic approach to our work makes us different and our new business is mostly aquired from word of mouth or repeat customer business. We are great at what we do and why? Because we are different.

  • Unstead Hosting Services understands how difficult it is going to be to kick start the economy and get businesses up and running again. Our web development team can turn your business into an online shopping store that will make your products available online so that customers can select and purchase your goods directly from your website. We have many years of shopping cart expertise and we can keep your business going by offering a funtastic shopping experience for your clients.

  • That is correct. Businesses that have a website need to add either a Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn social media page to their online presence. More than 90% of online business today is conducted with a website and social media page. We at Unstead Hosting Services are also a certified SMMA (social media marketing agency) and we can build your social presence and link all your platforms under one banner.

  • To get started with us the first thing you need to do is send us a message below from our contact form. Be sure to give your full name, address and contact phone number and a short brief of what it is you are looking for. Our Manager will call you back to discuss your requirements. We look forward to welcoming you onboard as an Unstead Hosting Services customer!

Unstead Hosting.com

We are based in New Zealand with virtual offices and servers spread around the world. Our client base is international and we are contactable 24 hours a day on email and social media. Please use the email form below to contact us and our client service team will get back to you within 24 hours.

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